06.10.2016 Gathered. Solo Exit Exhibit. - Emerging Artists Mentorship Program, Ash Street Project. Portland, OR

Gathered outlined my path to finding my voice in my studio practice through bowl forms. In making this work, I discovered a partnership between what I'm processing in my drawings and the use of ceramic objects. To me, the bowl is an object for gathering and my illustrations are similarly a collection of memories. Nostalgia for past and present moments; happy, sad, or otherwise. 

12.12.2015 Ash Street and Friends Open House - Ash Street Project. Portland,OR

I am proud to have been a part of the first annual open house at the Ash Street Project. Visiting artist Jean Nicolas Gerard was very influential for me during his time with us and it was an honor to have my work displayed with his and the many other participating artists.


11.05.2015 EAMP 2015 Entrance Exhibit - Ash Street Project. Portland, OR

Group exhibit alongside fellow Ash Street Mentees Ivan Carmona, Jordan Pieper, and Ben Skiba. The work was representative of what we had been making prior to our time at the Ash Street Project. Goals displayed in tandem with the work cast a projection of our mentorship paths for the upcoming year.